Versatile PhD

Worried about your future? Thinking about non-academic careers? Help is on the way! A new resource is available especially for you that demystifies non-academic careers, revealing many career paths and providing robust support should you decide to prepare for a possible non-academic career. The focus is on humanities and social science careers, but STEM folks can also benefit.

The Versatile PhD is a web-based resource that you can use anytime, from any computer. It is convenient and completely confidential. You will find:

  • A thriving, supportive web-based community where you can participate in discussions, network with actual “Versatile PhDs” (PhDs and ABDs outside the academy), or just listen and learn by osmosis
  • A collection of compelling first-person narratives written by Versatile PhDs, describing how they established their non-academic careers
  • Examples of successful CV-to-resume conversions that resulted in a real PhD or ABD in humanities or social science getting hired into his or her first non-academic position
  • Archived panel discussions where Versatile PhDs working in a given non-academic field describe their jobs and answer questions from members. Past topics include Federal Government, Policy Analysis, Freelance Writing and Editing, and University Administration: Academic Affairs.

The Versatile PhD can be accessed from any computer and is confidential. Only registered members may read or post, and you are in control of your profile. You can feel safe using The Versatile PhD, because none of your academic colleagues will know unless you tell them.

Because you are a student of the University of Georgia, you get access to the Premium Content Area where those high-quality written materials are stored.

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