Graduate School-Based Financial Assistance


Many degree programs within the University of Georgia offer financial assistance to students seeking a major within their department. Information regarding these departmental awards may be found by visiting the departmental websites.

Extramural fellowships are those awarded by governmental agencies, private foundations, and corporations. Many extramural fellowships are open to international students. Others, such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and some government-sponsored fellowships, are awarded only to U.S. citizens.

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The following financial assistance is managed through the Graduate School. Nominations must come from your graduate coordinator.

Graduate School Assistantships

(Nomination deadline: 5:00 P.M., February 06, 2014)

Graduate School Assistantships are awarded each year on a competitive basis following a highly qualified studentís nomination by his or her major department or school. Each nominee is evaluated by a faculty panel. Selections are based on the applicantís academic record, test scores, recommendations, and other pertinent information. The Graduate School Assistantship is awarded for the first two years of a studentís academic study (including the first summer). Recipients of these assistantships must be fully admitted to the Graduate School in a degree seeking status. Students must continue to be full-time taking at least twelve hours of graduate credit per semester (fall and spring) and nine hours of graduate credit in the summer semester.

Assistantship stipends for Graduate School awards are $1553.66 per month for a master's student and $1728.33 per month for a doctoral student holding a master's degree. These awards are made for the first 21 months of graduate studies. These awards are referred to as 40% assistantships and require a 16 hour per week work commitment. The duties of the assistantship are determined by the individual department and the department's graduate coordinator can supply more specific information. The total annual benefit to the student is equivalent to the annual stipend plus a tuition waiver of $3,850 (resident) or $11,500 (non-resident) per semester. The student pays a reduced tuition of just $25 per semester and fees of $1,117 per semester (as of Spring 2014). Recipients of these Graduate School Assistantships are eligible to receive supplemental stipends from their departments. The combination of the Graduate School Assistantship and departmental supplement cannot exceed 20 hours of work per week.

Graduate Recruitment Opportunities (GRO) Assistantship

(Nomination deadline: 5:00 P.M., February 06, 2014)

The GRO Assistantship is designed to include any entering graduate student who is considered first generation, educationally or economically disadvantaged, or has some aspects of a uniquely diverse background that adds to their discipline of study. Nomination for the GRO Assistantship is determined by the departmental admission process and is forwarded to the Graduate School for consideration.

Presidential Graduate Fellows Program

(Nomination deadline: 5:00 P.M., January 23, 2014)

This prestigious, highly competitive award began in 2000 with the intent of recruiting exceptionally qualified students to our doctoral programs. The nominations for this award are presented to the Graduate School by individual departments in late January. This award is guaranteed for five years of support contingent on satisfactory performance and progress toward degree completion. A maximum of twelve awards are made annually.

The annual stipend for the Presidential Graduate Fellow is $27,000 per year with a reduced matriculation fee of just $25 per semester and fees of $1,095 per semester (as of Fall 2012). The student must be fully engaged in graduate studies and may not hold any other employment. Only citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States are eligible to receive this award.

In addition to being engaged in research and graduate studies on a full-time basis (12 months), each recipient is expected to participate in special activities which are designed to enhance their professional development. Such activities include (1) the participation in a monthly discussion group with other Fellows and selected faculty members to discuss issues that add value to the University and the studentís education and (2) to provide mentorship to selected undergraduates involved in research activities under the Center of Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) program.

Dissertation Completion Award

(Nomination deadline: 5:00 P.M. March 19, 2014)

Doctoral assistantships are awarded each year on a competitive basis following a highly qualified studentís nomination by their major department or school. A faculty panel evaluates each nominee. The doctoral assistantships are available to doctoral students in their final year of study. These assistantships allow the student to devote time to the completion of their dissertation. At the completion of the assistantship award, the student is expected to have finished the dissertation and graduated.

Regent's Out of State Tuition Waiver

(Nomination deadline: 5:00 P.M., February 24, 2014)

The Graduate School awards a limited number of out-of-state tuition waivers to students who are classified as non-residents of the State of Georgia. The awards are based upon applicants' academic records and the recommendations of their major departments. These awards waive only the non-resident portion of a student's tuition. Students interested in being nominated for this award should contact the graduate coordinator in their major department for nomination criteria. Being nominated does not guarantee receipt of a waiver.

Out of State Tuition Waivers for Candidacy

Doctoral students who are admitted to candidacy will automatically be granted an out-of-state tuition waiver by Graduate School staff if they do not have an assistantship waiver. The waiver will be effective the semester following the semester in which the student is admitted to candidacy (must be admitted prior to the last day of classes).

Masters students who are required to submit a thesis to the Graduate School are eligible for an out-of-state waiver after all courses on the program of study have received a grade with the exception of 7000 (research) & 7300 (thesis writing). A program of study form must be on file in the Graduate School. All students in this category must submit the Application for Waiver of Graduate Out-of-State Tuition to the Graduate School by the last day of classes for the semester prior to the eligible semester.

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